Mar 112015

Each person in our family has their own hamper.  But the things in any given hamper are not all washed as one load.  We sort lights and darks, we hang anything we can, and we keep heavy duty stuff separate.

Once a week I gather all our laundry and take over the living room carpet, wondering why we sort it by person only to re-sort it by load type.

I would love for our new main floor to incorporate something like this:

Laundry closet

There will be five hampers for the whole family to share.  The “muddy” bin is for Zach’s work clothes and the kids’ rugby uniforms.  Zach intends to have eight sons so I’m just preparing.

Everyone will have to walk a few extra steps to the hallway to put their laundry in, so we’ll all get skinnier too.  If the kids don’t want to do this, they won’t get dessert for a week.  Actually that’s too soft.  No protein or carbs for a week.

A nearby linen/cleaning closet will hold things that need mending and ironing.   And the bathroom will double as a laundry sink.

Mend, iron, remove stains

When our kids are older, they will help.  We like the idea of a communal system rather than each person just doing their own.  It’s humbling to wash someone else’s clothes, and it’s humbling to have someone else wash your clothes.  Another way that Madonna House is brilliant.

  2 Responses to “Dream laundry closet”

  1. Um, hello, I would think I’d died and gone to Heaven with a setup like this. haha Laundry is never-ending over here.Our laundry room downstairs is one of my big dream projects, but as of now I’m exactly nowhere on it. 😛 I love how you made sure there is a place for each thing. Makes life so much easier when everyone knows exactly where things go!

    • Thanks so much Anna! YES a place for everything is so helpful. Now we’ll see if we can actually make this idea happen!

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