Mar 052015

I’ve been bathroom-spoiled for most of my life.

Last year I kissed my ensuite goodbye and wondered how I’d manage without its vast countertop and deep drawers.

Fortunately, what our apartment bathroom lacks in storage, it makes up for in walls.

2014-12-04 248

Walls: The one asset almost every bathroom boasts.

Hang it all

Zach hung the round mirror so that he can shave in the shower.

If you need shelves, go to Home Depot.  We bought a plank of cedar and had it cut into two shelves for free.  Zach stained them with Varathane “Early American” and mounted them with $2 brackets.


The top shelf holds makeup, Q-tips, and bobby pins.

Baskets hold daily essentials like facecloths, moisturiser, and hairbrushes.  In the spirit of over-sharing, I keep a few feminine products under the facecloths.

2014-12-04 305

The fly swatter is a necessary eyesore because I prefer to execute at arm’s length.

Zach talked me into hanging these baskets for my hair dryer and straightener:

2014-11-03 354

I’m so glad he did.  They are metal so I can use them at 400 degrees sans fire hazard.  I wish I could share a source, but I’m pretty sure I stole them from my Mom years ago.

Inside the medicine cabinet, we keep our toothbrushes (because I’m terrified of toilet germs swirling up into them) and a few extras that didn’t make the shelf cut (because they aren’t used every day).

2014-12-04 220

I keep my face wash in the shower, so it’s right behind me when I’m at the sink.

2014-12-22 010

This magazine holder is well worth the 18 dollars.  It mounts easily and holds extra-wide glossies.

2014-12-04 212

Since we only have one plug, I use this while getting ready:

2014-12-04 334

At other people’s houses, I’m always grateful when it’s obvious which towel I should use to dry my hands.  So we hung a hand towel near the sink and on the way to the door (seen in the first photo).

Our bath towels hang on the wall behind the door.


Laundry that needs a bit of pre-treating is scrubbed in the sink and hung to dry on the shower rod and extra hooks before going into the hamper.

2014-12-04 370

So that’s how we use our pedestal sink bathroom.  This post was mostly about me because I am remarkably more high maintenance than Sam and Zach.

I have a very different plan for our next home:  I will get ready in our bedroom so that the bathroom can be available for what it’s really needed for:  toilet, sink, shower.  Even our towels will be hung in our bedrooms.  This is my foolproof plan to ensure that we plus our 8 future kids will happily share one bathroom.  No one will ever fight and we’ll always arrive early for Mass.

But for now, I’m enjoying our last few months using this happy little hard-working space.

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  1. So that’s where my baskets went! 😉

  2. I love the hanging plant :)
    Can Greg and I just hire you to organize our place? lol

  3. Alrighty done! You are hired. xo

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