Mar 032015

I thought we’d buy a fixer-upper and gut it.  But our future home has a functional layout and beautiful finishes.  So instead we’d just like to make a few tweaks…

Main floor BEFORE and AFTER

1) Open concept: Move the fridge and attached cabinet to the blank wall.  Knock down a few walls and replace them with a big island that will open from both the kitchen and living room.  Pots on one side, toys on the other.

2) Separate units: Enclose the stairs for a separate basement apartment.

3) Master closet: Steal the kitchen pantry to enlarge the master bedroom closet.

4) Laundry: Steal space from the current linen closet and nursery to allow for a wide laundry closet.*

5) Kids’ closets: Steal the nursery closet to enlarge the kids’ bedroom closet.   We envision two kids sharing that bedroom.  (Surplus kids can go in the basement.*)  The nursery will hopefully become a computer room for teenage kids to do their homework.*  Babies and computers don’t need closets.  Although I might be a bit naive considering Sam doesn’t own any fluffy pink dresses.


*More on these things later.

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