Feb 262015

My love affair with candles has ceded to my desire to clean the bathroom more easily.  Last month I tackled our dumping ground for all things home-related:

2015-01-29 252

That photo doesn’t even show the bottom shelf brimming with empty frames.

It was a little arrogant of the out-of-rotation décor to take up four whole shelves.  And the living room carpet had been clutter-free for a bit too long.

So I cleaned the closet and took the carpet down a peg.


After a good purge, the surviving décor was sorted into boxes (Candles, Keepsakes, Containers, Glass) and stashed with the frames on hard-to-reach shelves in the living room.


Then I set up the closet to reflect the way we live.

My weekly cleaning supplies and other useful things sit at (my) eye level:

2015-01-29 369

Above the bookshelf are tape (duct, packing, and measuring), screws, trash bags, and light bulbs:

2015-01-29 409

The top shelf is for our detergent, watering can, and paper (toilet, towel, and tissue):

2015-01-29 417

The ladder holds our dust pads, tool box, and Dirt Devil:

2015-01-29 401

The level, Swiffer, duster, and ironing board are hung:

Level swiffer duster

And the door holds laundry things like clothespins, Bounce sheets, and loonies and quarters:

2015-01-29 397

But the real improvement is two whole shelves for “refills” and bulk purchases, which was the whole point:

2015-01-29 382

The vacuum and laundry basket fit in easier too now:

2015-01-29 445

Like the linen closet, it doesn’t look dramatic.

Before and After just basket

But it’s a game changer.

2015-01-29 424

Reaching for supplies is so much more pleasant now.  I almost enjoy cleaning the toilet.

With our “home” refills here, our “people” refills (like shampoo and diapers) can breathe a little easier in the linen closet.

Our monthly Costco trip is much smoother.  No more buying stuff we already have.  As Emily Henderson says, “not being organized actually costs you money because you are constantly re-buying what you can’t find.”

And no more running out of toilet paper because we were “pretty sure there’s some in the closet.”

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  1. I am so impressed with the way you put your amazing gifts to such good use!

  2. I would pay $10000000000000 for you to do this in my future home!

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