Feb 242015

Hello again!

I took a longer break than expected because something wonderful fell into our laps.

We saw a “Coming Soon” sign on our dream house in our favourite neighbourhood.  Four days later, we had made an offer before it even went on the market.  Sam was in the bath when the phone rang.  The owners had accepted.  We called our families and baked celebratory cookies.

We’ve been in planning heaven.  We’d like to tweak the main floor and turn the basement into an apartment.  (More on that soon.)

Here’s how it looked when Google drove by last summer:

Google street view

After raising their family there, the owners are retiring to live full time at their cottage.  They took excellent care of the house and made many improvements over the years, so we will inherit the fruit of their labour.

We can’t believe what a wonderful surprise God had ready for us.  He took our exact wishlist and checked off every item in abundance.  It’s a bungalow with a functional layout, which we can easily make open-concept.  There’s a massive window over the kitchen sink.  We can walk to daily Mass.   We’ll use the same door to access the front and back yard so we can keep all our outdoor stuff in one spot.

And He gave us things we hadn’t even thought of.   Attached only at the carport, it offers the advantages of a single at the price of a semi.  A corner lot with a side entrance is perfect for tenants.  We’ll be able to go for bike rides along the river.  And best of all, my hair-vanity will be kept secret because the front door is under the carport, saving me from ridiculous 10-second umbrella use.

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