Dec 172014

When Zach put an end to Mount Linen, I giddily tackled the floor space and three shelves of toiletries below it.

The plastic drawers were great but a few were nearly empty.  The floor beside our donation bin was not being used to its full potential.  And while the bottom shelf looks fine in the “before” photo, without a camera flash it was a dark hole where products went to expire.

My goal was to free up the floor space and bottom shelf to hold bulk purchases.  Sure enough, after sorting and tweaking, I was left with plenty of room for Costco:

Linen closet BA

Sometimes the most satisfying projects involve no surprise twists and produce the least exciting Before & After photos.  If these shots were people, they’d be the characters on Klaus’ favourite sitcom about a neat-freak living with an ever bigger neat-freak.  (Video clip contains partial nudity.)

Please humour me while I chat about the invisible improvement.

These two shelves now act as an extension of our bathroom:

2014-12-11 068

We have a pedestal sink (read: no counter, no cupboard), so here we keep the things we don’t use every day, like extra hair clips and bobby pins.  Zach really appreciates having these handy.

2014-12-11 072

Our medicine and vitamins also live here, which works well because I’ve heard that pills shouldn’t be stored in the bathroom anyway.  And it’s nice to have a place to toss the goodies we bring home from the dentist, for our semi-annual flossing ritual.


The floor and bottom shelf now hold our bulk purchases and “refills.”

2014-12-11 086

When I see my favourite shampoo on sale, I stock up, stash it somewhere in the apartment, and forget about it.  Now I will know where it is.

Linen closet - AFTER

This closet was a fun little project to end the year.  For the next few weeks, Zach and I are off to enjoy Christmas and his sister’s wedding.

May your days be merry and bright, and a very Happy Christmas to you and yours.

2014-12-16 088

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  1. Love this Veronica! I love how organized your home is!! It’s incredible how much a bit of reorganization can help.

    • Thanks very much Christine! You are so right. Once I get a good system in place it practically runs itself!

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