Dec 102014

As I mentioned here, we want our “people” closet to work harder for us.  The easiest place to start was the leaning tower of linens.  Any time I reached for a towel, I’d brace myself for the probable avalanche.

2014-11-25 023

Last night  Zach put an end to this madness by adding an extra shelf on top to hold our rarely-used linens.  This improvement cost all of two dollars (the price of two Ikea brackets) because the shelf came with the apartment.  Can you spot it being lazy in the above photo?

Linens organized

Now I can’t wait for laundry day.

The top linens will be enjoyed by our (hopefully) future larger family.  I don’t mind giving them that shelf because it’s a lot like Rockland or Stittsville:  Wonderful on its own, but hard to access from where I am.  That same shelf at eye level?  Way out of linen’s league.

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