Dec 012014

When we sold our house, we had exactly twenty days (offer date to move date) to purge just enough to squeeze ourselves into the new apartment.  Now, it’s time to tackle each space one at a time to evaluate what really belongs here and make room for new priorities.  Case in point, we’ve recently decided to buy everything in bulk to save the planet by reducing packaging let’s be honest: to save money.

The Costco life is tricky in a small home.  Most people wait until they have a basement with a chest freezer and storage shelves.  My strategy will be to use our two hallway closets:

Cleaning and linen closets on floorplan

These closets already work pretty hard for us.

The cleaning closet holds everything home-related such as cleaning supplies and out-of-rotation decor.

The linen closet – which I will tackle first – is for anything people-related…

A messy pile of linens:

2014-11-25 023

Birthday and Christmas gifts:

Gift shelf - hidden

Toiletries, medicine and our donation bin:

2014-11-25 154

And wrapping paper in the door:

2014-11-25 153

The gift shelf and wrapping paper are fine.  But the rest of the closet needs to work a little harder so that we can store bulk purchases in there too.   More on this soon, hopefully!

  6 Responses to “Making room for Costco”

  1. I love how you have bins for everything, including a donation bin! Great idea!! : ) Greg and I are going to copy everything you and Zach do or can’t wait to see how the closets turn out!

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so impressed by how organized things are! :) I also know how tough it is to purge and cut down.

    • Thanks Steffi! Yes it’s hard, especially the later stages. The first wave is freeing, you get rid of stuff you were never attached to anyway. But when you have to let go of stuff you actually like? Yikes. I’m wondering how this closet project will go hahahha

  3. I want your hone. .haha. .so beautifully organized!

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