Nov 272014

This post is sponsored by Floorplanner. Just kidding. But it should be.

When we downsized, we said goodbye to most of our furniture, an abundance of kitchen cabinets, and six giant closets.  I was terrified our new apartment would be the next space on Hoarders.

To find a spot for everything that survived the purge, we drew a diagram on Floorplanner and ended up with this:

Apartment floorplan

If you are moving, measure the rooms and use Floorplanner!  It’s well worth your time.  Why spend sweat and money bringing furniture to a new home only to discover that it doesn’t fit there?  Purge before you move!

And in our case, we needed to come up with a storage solution.  Floorplanner made that obvious:  the living room was big enough to fit bookshelves behind our sofas.

We wanted 8 matching bookcases which meant we couldn’t rely on Kijiji (our usual furniture source), so we settled on the Ikea Billy in black for its price ($69) and for a little contrast with our off-white sofas.  It was still expensive, but selling the rest of our furniture more than covered it.

2014-11-03 438

We anchored them to the walls and removed their backs to lessen the black hole effect.

2014-11-03 473

Wicker baskets hold things like greeting cards and instruction manuals.  And in case you can’t tell that we love Ikea, these boxes hold everything from receipts to craft supplies to Christmas mugs.

2014-11-17 130

We store extra blankets and pillows in the shelves hidden behind the sofas.

2014-11-03 479

If you have space in your living room (or any other room for that matter) bookshelves add so much function and only stick off the wall by 11 inches.  Of course there are downsides to this design.  Most of our art is sitting in storage.  But ultimately I’d rather look at my stuff on the wall than trip over it on the floor.

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  1. I LOVE your bookshelves! They make your living room feel like a library. : )

  2. like the idea of looking at your things rather than tripping on them! +

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