Nov 242014

2014-11-04 022 - Cropped

I recently broke my big rule and picked up a tealight holder for $2 at the Madonna House Gift Shop. That place is a (pun-intended) goldmine.

At home, I plopped it on the desk and it made me smile every time I walked by.  But it was quite pitiful bobbing alone in the sea of black.  Goldy needed some friends.

Up until then, I had written off the desk as a lost cause and hadn’t bothered decorating it.  But now I wanted to.  So I turned to my Clipix board of office inspiration and remembered this photo from 7th House on the Left:


I gazed lovingly at that photo for several minutes while nursing Sam.

Suddenly it hit me that I own that exact candle, a similar brown and gold notebook, and certainly no shortage of cute little plants:

2014-11-04 014 cropped

What do pink, gold, and green have in common?  This journal!

2014-11-03 503

The notebook and journal had been living together with my agenda on a bookshelf a chair-roll away which was silly because I use them at the desk.

Picture me sitting here:

2014-11-03 493

You want to plan a brunch date with us?  Sorry, we can’t, because I’m too lazy to go fetch my agenda.

But things are different now.

2014-11-04 051

I predict a major improvement to our social life.   All thanks to a $2 tealight holder and Ashley‘s gorgeous style.

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