Nov 212014


I should take the chicken out of the freezer before I forget.  But first, I’ll run down and start a load of laundry.  Wait – Did I remember to email so-and-so back? 

These tasks are so quick and easy that I want to do them all RIGHT NOW.  But a couple months ago I figured out that there are two things I should do first every morning because they are my home’s potential obstacles (henceforth referred to as POs because “potential obstacles” isn’t catchy).

This isn’t a philosophical post.  Obviously, being Christian, the ultimate PO is to not have a prayer time.  Here, I’m talking about 1-minute tasks that compete for our attention.  If these two tiny things are not done, they prevent me from staying on top of everything else throughout the day.

My #1 PO is not making the bed.  It doesn’t have to look great, it just needs to be a flat clear surface.  For some people, the hub of the home – the place where everything happens – is the kitchen island or the dining table.  In this apartment, it’s our bed.  It’s where we fold laundry, play with Sam, and tackle organizing projects.  So if I don’t make it first thing in the morning, we and our stuff end up on a messy pile of blankets and things go missing.  Once a phone enters an unmade bed, you may as well skip over to Telus and buy a new one.

My #2 PO is not emptying the dish rack.   It’s easy to wash two plates and leave them to air dry.  But if the dish rack is full of last night’s stuff, those two plates get plopped down in the sink and go from needing a quick soapy rinse to a senseless war with crusty cheese/tomato sauce/rice cereal.

So those are my POs.  What are yours?

  6 Responses to “What to do first in the morning”

  1. Hi Veronica!
    I love this : )
    I had a mini conversion about bed making from Madonna’s my first prayer of the day, (no matter how foggy my brain is) and the first little thing I do well for Him : )

    Here’s a little article about a staff member and bed making..

    Happy Friday!

    • Hi Renee, I love that disposition “the first little thing I do well for him.” That’s the perfect motivation! I will think about that tomorrow morning.
      Thanks for sharing the article too.. wow.. so much humility there.. I feel like I need to meditate on the idea of receiving compassion.

  2. Okay, first of all, Sam is beyond stinkin’ cute! I am very much looking forward to squeezing those cheeks next week. Second, your post hits home….I think I have at least 15 PO’s of my own. The dinner thing being one of the utmost important..because let’s face it, if I forget to take dinner out, what happens? Way too much thought than what my brain can endure these days so it’s best to not even go there at all. Second big PO is morning preparations. With an almost 4 year old now going to school, my mornings are literally bananas. Getting two kids up, dressed, and ready to go out the door in a reasonable amount of time, without being fashionably late for kindergarten is a huge task all on its own. Curveballs thrown at me from every angle – and winter weather/gear has proven to add to this task substantially!

    • Oh my, yes that must be sooo busy! Getting everyone out the door, especially in Canada… every mom who does this deserves an award.
      Thanks for reading Lisa!

  3. It is such a basic idea, but so profoundly important! Every day, I think, “If I had (desk space/made my bed), I would (write that letter/ read that book/ put away that laundry/ not have lost those papers)”
    It’s a small and very practical change, thank you so much for sharing that! I’m praying for your little family <3

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