Nov 142014

A couple years ago there were more toilets than people living in my home.  There were entire rooms I never went in.  Our fancy townhouse was new, sparkly, cold, and felt like a museum.

Then I got pregnant and started reading a book called Living with Less so Your Family Has More.  It dawned on me that I wanted more time, less stuff, and fewer bathrooms to clean.  Zach was game.  So we sold our house and moved into a cozy apartment, going from 2100 to 780 square feet.

Glenbow to Kirkwood

We got rid of 70% of our stuff, while adding new baby gear, because one month later, our son Sam was born.

2014-11-03 328

I realized I was in good company when I discovered Dana Miller at House*Tweaking who downsized from a McMansion to a modest bungalow while pregnant with their third child.  She has become my design hero for her aesthetic and her space efficiency.

It’s been so freeing to have less stuff and less space to manage.  As we learn to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, we find inspiration everywhere.  Here is a helpful list I came across this week:  12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of

Happy weekend!

  5 Responses to “From a McTownhouse to a modest apartment”

  1. LOVE this : ) SO excited for you!! Can’t wait to read more..especially on downsizing as it’s in our future : )

    • Thank you! I’m so excited for your apartment… just a couple more weeks! I can’t wait to see it!

  2. I love it!!!! <3

  3. We should get together. Joey and I have been dreaming off selling our 4 bedroom single family home (1600 sq. feet plus basement) for an 4 bedroom apartment. We are struggling with managing the house and the property since I was injuried 4 1/2 years ago.

    • Oh wow, for sure, that must be tough Roxanne!
      I could see you guys moving into a cozy bungalow with a very small yard.. just enough grass for the kids to play in. :)

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