Nov 102014

In early 2014 we downsized to a cozy apartment.

2014-11-03 439

I used Floorplanner to figure out how to set it up.

Apartment floorplan

We lined the living room with bookshelves that held everything from office supplies to Christmas decorations.  More on that here.

2014-11-03 473

We made our little kitchen more functional by using the walls and adding an Ikea island.  More about the kitchen here.

2015-03-17 067

The dining room was basically a big hallway with four openings.  We defined a dining space by painting one wall almost black.

2014-11-03 434

In that same space, Zach built a shelf with hooks and a ledge for alcohol.

2015-03-17 054

The bathroom had a pedestal sink – no counters or cabinets – so we relied 100% on the walls to make it functional.  See all the details here.

2014-12-04 248

For our bedroom, we sanded and stained two Ikea nightstands from the as-is section.

2014-03-16 306

They turned out differently which made for a happy “his and hers” accident.

2015-04-07 149

We also added two super-cheap wardrobes topped off with bins for extra storage.

2014-11-17 092

In the nursery, we DIY’d most of the art, including this bear:

2014-11-17 228

Apparently I never thought to take any pulled-back shots.

2014-04-25 04 25

We lived in that apartment for just over a year.  It was such a happy home!

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