Copycat decorating

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Nov 242014

2014-11-04 022 - Cropped

I recently broke my big rule and picked up a tealight holder for $2 at the Madonna House Gift Shop. That place is a (pun-intended) goldmine.

At home, I plopped it on the desk and it made me smile every time I walked by.  But it was quite pitiful bobbing alone in the sea of black.  Goldy needed some friends.

Up until then, I had written off the desk as a lost cause and hadn’t bothered decorating it.  But now I wanted to.  So I turned to my Clipix board of office inspiration and remembered this photo from 7th House on the Left:


I gazed lovingly at that photo for several minutes while nursing Sam.

Suddenly it hit me that I own that exact candle, a similar brown and gold notebook, and certainly no shortage of cute little plants:

2014-11-04 014 cropped

What do pink, gold, and green have in common?  This journal!

2014-11-03 503

The notebook and journal had been living together with my agenda on a bookshelf a chair-roll away which was silly because I use them at the desk.

Picture me sitting here:

2014-11-03 493

You want to plan a brunch date with us?  Sorry, we can’t, because I’m too lazy to go fetch my agenda.

But things are different now.

2014-11-04 051

I predict a major improvement to our social life.   All thanks to a $2 tealight holder and Ashley‘s gorgeous style.

Nov 202014

At any flea market / shop / garage sale / Target, I want to bring everything home.  It’s not healthy.  Or affordable. Or practical, given my desire to live with less in a small space.

While I slowly turn away from my decor-promiscuous past,  I’ve imposed a rule on myself:  Only buy it if I know exactly where I will put it in my home.  Which means that lately, I buy almost nothing, because our home is FULL.

A happy side effect is that when I do buy something, it feels like Christmas.

This past summer, I wanted to be able to watch the time while nursing Sam on the opposite sofa.  And this bookshelf was begging for an interesting tenant:

Bookshelf vacancy

So when I saw this clock at the Madonna House Gift Shop, I knew exactly where I’d put it.

2014-11-03 460 crop

Like all things British, it would look good just about anywhere.  Wouldn’t it blend in perfectly in Richard Burke’s apartment?

Richard Burke's apartment

Or Harvey Spector’s office?

harvey and jessica

Now, here it lives in all its brushed-finish, vintage glory:

2014-11-03 463

It hits the ideal decor trifecta of being functional, good-looking, and well-placed.   A few months later, it still catches my eye and makes me feel that all is right with the world.


* Suits photo found here.

* I couldn’t find a photo of Dr. Burke’s apartment, so I took a screenshot of the episode on Netflix.  Photo credit goes to… Netflix? Warner Bros?

Nov 172014

I have a love-hate relationship with our home office, a.k.a. the desk in our living room.

We providentially found it on Kijiji the week we moved into our apartment.  It’s solid wood, provides all the function we need, and fits the space perfectly.  But in terms of my picky decorating preferences, it’s a black hole where dreams go to die.

2014-11-03 486

Also, a cockroach lives in it right now.  He comes out once in a while to terrorize me.  We haven’t been able to catch him; he is fast.   We’ve tried those little cardboard traps and while they’ve caused a blow to our silverfish population, they are no match for Speedy.

Someday I would love to evict him and replace the whole thing with a white lower half and wood open shelving.  I’m so inspired by Joy’s DIY desk:


But for now, I’m grateful to have an organized workspace.  In all fairness to Speedy, sharing an office with anyone is rarely pleasant, and at least he is neat.